Surfing Rote

A visual guide to surfing in Rote Indonesia, with Pictures, maps and surfing Rote Video’s

Surfing in Rote, Indonesia
Fun waves for surfers of all levels

Surfing Rote

Rote has been kept off the indonesian surf radar for a long time. Not as easily accessible as Bali, but definetly worth the extra flight. Once in Rote you will be rewarded with waves for surfers of all surfing levels.

From mellow A frame waves close to shore, to long lefts with barreling sections and big walls to practise your turns.

Rote is truly a surfers paradise.

Please bear with us as we create more photos and videos of the good good waves that surfing Rote has to offer.

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Surfing in Rote, Indonesia

surfing t-land rote
Surfing T Land
Long lefts

T-land is the best wave in Rote, and also in the list of one of the longest waves in Indonesia. T-land works on a 1 foot swell to 15′. The Tland break is actually broken up in 4 different section:

  • The Point
  • Pyramids
  • The Mountain
  • Bananaland

2 or 3 of these sections can all connect on the right day, so you can have a left hander for up to 500 meters ( keep in mind it’s a long paddle back).

Tland when it’s under 1,5 overhead is not a wave for hardcore surfers only. It’s a good wave for intermediate, advanced and expert surfers will find waves to enjoy.

From Wavehaven you look right across the T-land channel into the wave.

Rote Surf Spots
Views over 4 different waves

T land:

The crown jewel of surfing in Rote.

Level required: Intermediate to experts
Length of ride: Rides of up to 300 meters
Direction: Lefts
Size: From 1′ to 15′
Tide: All
Where: About 1km from Wavehaven, best access by boat taxi service (3 USD)
Crowd level: Very manageable, crowds spread out over a large area and it works on all tides



Fun , long lefts and rights

Level required: Beginner to Advanced
Length of ride: Rides of up to 200 meters
Direction: Lefts & rights
Size: From 1′ to 5′
Tide: Mid to High
Where: Paddle straight out front from WaveHaven
Crowd level: Low, 2 to 10 people at most usually
Additional info: the best foil surfing spot in Rote, for beginners and experts

The Bombie

Empty lefts and rights

Level required: Advanced to experts
Length of ride: Rides of up to 200 meters
Direction: Lefts & rights
Size: From 1′ to 8′
Tide: Low to Mid
Where: Paddle straight out front from WaveHaven or take a boat taxi
Crowd level: None
Additional info: Popular on low tide for tow foilers, best early morning or on days without much wind.

Sand bank

Ideal learning spot for kids

Level required: Beginners
Length of ride: up to 50 meters
Direction: Lefts 
Size: From 1′ to 3′
Tide: Low 
Where: Walk from Wavehaven to the beach
Crowd level: a couple of families with kids
Additional info: Best on really low tides. sand bottom, ideal for kids first surf lessons

Sucky mummas

Quality barreling right hander

Level required: Advanced to expert
Length of ride: up to 150 meters
Direction: Rights
Size: From 3′ to 8′
Tide: Mid to high
Where: 10 minute boat taxi from Wavehaven
Crowd level: Low
Additional info: Best early morning before wind gets too strong

Tland from the channel

Long lefts

This is Tland on a medium sized day: 1,5 overhead. 20 people out spread over 3 different peaks.

Photo: 8 June , 2023

Right handers too
Surfing BOA

A Quality long right hander just a 10 minute scooter drive from Nemberala

Surfing Rote Video

Friendly vibes
& Good waves

Rote, Indonesia
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