By Jeroen
March 26, 2023

Surfing Rote

A visual guide to surfing in Rote Indonesia, with Pictures, maps and surfing Rote Video’s

Surfing in Rote, Indonesia
Fun waves for surfers of all levels

Surfing Rote

Rote has been kept off the indonesian surf radar for a long time. Not as easily accessible as Bali, but definetly worth the extra flight. Once in Rote you will be rewarded with waves for surfers of all surfing levels.

From mellow A frame waves close to shore, to long lefts with barreling sections and big walls to practise your turns.

Rote is truly a surfers paradise.

Please bear with us as we create more photos and videos of the good good waves that surfing Rote has to offer.

Surfing Rote
Stay Tuned

Work in progress

Surfing in Rote, Indonesia

Surfing T Land
Long lefts

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Right handers too
Surfing BOA

A Quality long right hander just a 10 minute scooter drive from Nemberala

Surfing Rote Video

Friendly vibes
& Good waves

Rote, Indonesia
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