March 31: Small waves, glassy surf


Bukit  Surf Report

Date: March 31, 2017
Time: 8:30
Place: Bingin – Impossibles – Uluwatu
Tide: 1 hour past low tide
Swell: 1-2′
Weather: clear skies, hardly a breeze


Smaller waves than was expected, it’s 1-2′ at Padang, Impossibles and Bingin. Bingin was the best spot, but the local expat groms were taking 90% of the waves. Wind forecast is very light, but not much wave size forecasted. Nice day for a SUP or longboard. Xavier Rudd concert at Uluwatu surf villas was a great show, and so was Nyepi and the display of Ogoh Ogohs ( day of silence) –  WaveHaven Surf Report –


Photos of March 28 & 31 March- 2017:


Photo of the day at Uluwatu


The forecast for Bali Bukit for the next few days.