Bali, Bingin  Surf Report

Date: March 22, 2017
Time: 09:00
Place: Bingin – Impossibles – Uluwatu
Tide:  low tide
Swell: 2-3′
Weather: Ovecast with light onshore wind

We got woken up by a 6.4 earthquake this morning, slight trembling, nothing major. Link . No surf report yesterday since the surf was bad, solid onshore wind on the West coast of the Bukit, East coast was good.

Surf report for today:


Cleaned up a fair bit from yesterday’s onshore winds. Surf is in the 2-3′ range. Light onshore wind so pretty bumpy. 15+ guys out at Bingin this morning, enjoying some ok-ish waves. Few people out at Impossibles and Padang.–  WaveHaven Surf Report –


Photos of March 22- 2017:


Photo of the day at Bingin


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The forecast for Bali Bukit for the next few days.