August 3 2018 ,

Surf report Bali, Indonesia

Balangan , Impossibles

Waves: 2-3′

Rating Waves (1 = Don’t bother surfing, 5 = epic)
surfing Balangan Surf report (3 / 5)
Rating Crowds  (1 = Very busy , 5 = empty)
surfing Balangan Surf report (2 / 5)
Rating Weather (1 = Raining & Onhore wind , 5 =Sunny & Offshore wind)
surfing Balangan Surf report (4 / 5)

New Swell has not arrived yet, chest high waves at Balangan, Impossibles and Bingin


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We should be posting surf reports and surf pictures from the Bukit 4-5 times per week now for the coming surf season here in Bali


Photo of the day

surfing Balangan Surf report

The forecast for Bali Bukit for the next few days.




surfing Balangan Surf report

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surfing Balangan Surf report

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