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Beach Front Rote Surf Accommodation overlooking 4 waves.

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With uninterrupted views over 4 different surf spots of Rote: T-Land, Squealers, the Sandbank and the Bombie. Suckie Mamas, yet another great surf spot, is just a few minutes boat ride from WaveHaven. In fact, Rote island is packed full of amazing surf spots.

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From Wavehaven boutique surf villa, you can see across to T Land, but even closer, right in front of Wavehaven, is the really fun wave of Squealers. Actually, Squealers is not just ‘a’ wave, but a fun selection of waves to suit all levels of surfers and these days, foilers too.

In fact, for foiling, there are few waves in Indonesia that are better. Squealers has a few different sections. The main wave is an A-frame consisting of a short left-hand shoulder and a longer right-hand shoulder – waves constantly reform on the inside, leading to some really long rides (prepare for tired shoulders as you paddle back to your preferred take-off spot).

Squealers is also a superb beginner wave with a reliable area for taking off in the white water and enjoying a very long ride as the waves reform. Squealers doesn’t work on a low tide, but on a mid-to-high tide, it’s great fun.

From our villa, once your surf session is over, you can continue to enjoy watching people surfing and foiling as you lounge around the infinity-edge pool, or lie on one of the sun loungers.

surfing T-land

Long left waves

Nemberala Rote, otherwise known as ‘T-Land’ is one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets.

Arguably it is one of the longest left-handers in the whole of the Archipelago.

Whilst surf spots like Desert Point and some in the Mentawai Islands attract hardcore barrel-seekers who are keen to surf over shallow reefs, T Land (Nemberala) is much more suited to surfers who want a long, fun ride, perfect for practicing turn after turn.

T-Land is a reef point break and the shape of this wave generally is ideally suited to experienced surfers who don’t need to be risking injury or skin scrapes to have a thrilling ride.

That’s not to say that T Land/Nemberala does not have days where the feint-hearted best stay on the beach, for it’s a powerful wave always, and on a big day, it’s pretty daunting for anyone but those with impact vests and big surfboards. Most of the time, it’s a relatively gentle take-off and a reliable 100 to 150m ride. Surfable on all tides, Nemberala/T Land really is a cracking wave.

Want to learn to surf? Join our neighbours at Nemberala surf school for a personalised surf lesson for your family.
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Unspoilt Indonesia

Rote is a paradise island: White sandy beaches lined with 1000’s of palmtrees.

No big development like Bali or lombok, coming to Rote island is like going back in time 40 years ago when Bali was still a paradise island for surfers.
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